McAfee is providing system security products to protect your device from these threats through Products of McAfee are easy to download and install as well. Mcafee is regularly improving its features to provide the best services for your laptop, PC, or mobile.


Activate your McAfee account:

To get McAfee security, it requires activating the account. With the following simple steps, you can activate your Mcafee account using 25-character alpha-numeric code or Product key :

Step 1 : Visit McAfee Activate page

  • Click on to visit McAfee activation page.

Step 2: Retail Card Activation

  • Reveal the product key in the retail card by searching the back of the card that you purchased from the store.
  • Enter the McAfee activate product key (25 character alpha-numeric code).

Step 3: Login or signup

  • If you have created your Mcafee account, then login with your existing account.
  • If you do not have Mcafee account then sign up and create a new account with Mcafee.
  • Login with the new account you created before.
  • This account is important while you install the software and move your McAfee protection.

Step 4: Download the software

  • Click on the download link and download the Mcafee software.
  • Install the software on your computer.
  • Using Mcafee is ready to protect your device now.


McAfee Products

Each minute 480 new threats are created in your device. Activating the Mcafee Account with the is the key to opening multiple Mcafee products locks. Following are the products you can use according to your requirement :

1. McAfee Total Protection
2. McAfee Internet Security
3. McAfee Livesafe
4. McAfee Anti Virus Plus
5. McAfee Multi Device Security
6. McAfee Security Center
7. McAfee All Access

McAfee Total Protection : best virus protection 2019

McAfee Total Protection is the complete package of antivirus, system optimizing tools, and anti-malware. It protects your computer from all viruses, malicious files, malicious programs and many other threats created and developed by McAfee Inc. With the help of Total Protection, you can activate your account for total protection, and you can save your PC from various threats.

Let’s Activate Your McAfee Total Protection with Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection is the advanced version of McAfee Antivirus. This includes features such as Cloud-based threat analysis, Safe Web Browsing, Performance Optimization, and Safe Family. The safest and easiest way to activate McAfee Total Protection is Total Protection. Let’s know how to activate McAfee Total Protection :

Step 1: Visit McAfee Activate page

  • Visit the McAfee Activate page by clicking

Step 2: Retail Card Activation

Enter the 25 Digit code from the back of your Retail card that you purchased from the store.

Step3: Login or Signup

  • Enter your Mcafee account detail and login.
  • In case if you did not have register, create a new account and then sign in with Mcafee.

Step 4: Select the product

  • Select the “McAfee Total Protection” product to download it.

Step5: Installation

  • Download the software and run this program on your computer.

Features of Mcafee Antivirus

McAfee Protect your Device from following :

  1. Virus
  2. Worms
  3. Malware
  4. Spyware
  5. Ransom ware
  6. Other threads.

If you have activated your account with successfully then it’s time to know some ultimate features of McAfee  :

1. Multiple device security with one account :

The previous versions were meant to use for any particular device such as a computer, mobile, or laptop or two devices. But the latest and updated versions of McAfee provide security to multiple devices such as desktops, smartphones, and laptops with just one central account. Also, all the security can be controlled from only by a single device.

2. Network security :

Mcafee has enhanced its firewall Features to protect your network. Nowadays, the internet is an essential part of keeping our work and files safe. But the internet can corrupt your data with malicious and harmful viruses. McAfee is the best antivirus to protect your internet data that blocks advanced targeted attacks and malware.

3. Spam Protection and Anti-Phishing :

Hackers’ most common technique to steal important data and corrupting data from your system is spam and phishing. With the McAfee antivirus program, your device does not accept any malicious viruses, spam, and phishing.

4. Family safety Features :

We all use digital way to save our data, to search every valuable need and many more, but it can affect children negatively. McAfee family safety feature blocks the website and data that is not suitable for children. Moreover, this feature maintains internet usage.

5. Data Encryption :

Each device has some private data that we want to secure from everywhere. With Data encryption feature, your data or files become safe as encrypted storage with 128-bit encryption in your PC. McAfee also provides a password manager app, via which you can eliminate the hassle of passwords.

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